Mental health affects physical health; however, it is often overlooked. Mental health is important across all ages. Physical health problems may be easier to spot than problems with mental health, but it is just as important. Keep reading to learn more about mental health and when you should take action.

Not eating

If your loved one has been missing meals and has no appetite or refuses to eat, this may be a sign they are struggling with their mental health. If you can, schedule an appointment to see their primary care physician to ensure nothing else is going on.

Lack of cleanliness

This could present as a lack of personal hygiene or messy living space. Pay attention to any changes. Was their living space once clean and now it’s a mess? Keep a lookout for these types of behavioral changes as they could signify worsening mental health.


Has your loved one suddenly become more isolated than usual? Have they stopped attending things that were once part of their routine, like Sunday brunch? This may be a sign to give your loved one a check-up to see how they’re doing physically and mentally. Consider taking them to on our of local senior activity centers for a good meal and socialization.

Change in mood

If you’ve noticed a change in your loved one’s mood, this may also be a sign to check up on them. If they’re angrier and more aggressive or sensitive than usual, they may be struggling. Check up on your loved ones and call for help if necessary.

Not sleeping or sleeping too much

If they’re not sleeping through the night, or if they sleep too much, this could be another sign of mental health problems. This could also lead to physical health problems. If you see any signs of sleep deprivation, it’s important to seek help.

Struggle with activities of daily living

If you notice your loved one start to struggle to even make it out of bed in the morning, you may need to seek professional help. Loss of energy to do activities of daily living can be a clear sign of mental health problems if they are physically healthy.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please seek help immediately.

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