Adult Attendant Care

ARChoices Adult Attendant Care

Provides services for basic upkeep and management of the home such as, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation and light housekeeping.

DHS RN approves AAC services through ARChoices waiver
Current Medicaid card.
Age 21 through 64, 65+with criteria met.


Provides temporary relief to persons long term care for recipients in their homes. May be received in a limited or short-term basis.

1. DHS RN approves Respite services through ARChoices waiver.
2. Current Medicaid card.
3. Age 21 through 64, 65+ with criteria met.


HOMEMAKER: Provides assistance with household task such as: dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathroom, kitchens and client living area, meal preparation and laundry.
RESPITE: Provides temporary relief to person providing long term care for recipient in their home. May be received on an emergency or temporary basis.


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