Elder Housing

AAAWA owns and manages three (3) HUD Section 8/202 Low-Income apartments located in Barling, Booneville, and Paris. Our HUD apartments offer efficiency (studio) and one-bedroom units. We also own and manage an apartment complex in Waldron, Arkansas that is dedicated to renting exclusively to senior citizens 60 years of age and older. Our Waldron apartments offer one-bedroom units.


Eligibility for HUD Section 8/202 Housing

  • Age 62+ and/or disabled.
  • Meet income and asset requirements as defined by HUD.
  • Approved application and supporting documentation as required by HUD.
  • Meet maximum occupancy requirements of one person for efficiency/studio units, and two people for one-bedroom units.

All locations are accepting applications at this time. (There is a waiting list for Waldron I know, but the HUD apartments are required by regulations to always have a waiting list, so even if they don’t have empty units at any given time, they are always accepting applications)
For more information contact:

Marcela Escobar


(479) 424-2013

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