What is the Elder Victims of Crime (EVOC) program?

Have you or a loved one been the victim of a crime? AAAWA is here to help. We are a proud recipient of the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant. Our Elder Victims of Crime program is designed to provide direct services to older Arkansans.

Arkansans that meet all three of the following criteria qualify.
1. Current resident of Sebastian, Franklin, Crawford or Logan County;
2. Are at least 50 years old; and
3. Self-identify as a victim of crime.Your safety and privacy are our top priority. You do NOT have to report a crime to the authorities for eligibility. You have the choice to remain anonymous when speaking with our staff.SERVICES OFFERED
Whether your situation stems from a crime on a local, State, or Federal level: we can help! Our program offers a wide variety of victim services, including:

      • Emergency Shelter
      • Emergency Transportation
      • Emergency Food and Clothing
      • Legal Aid Services
      • Window and Door Lock Replacement
      • One-on-one Victim Support Meetings through appointment
      • Weekly Victim Support Group Meetings
      • Weekly Education and Prevention Training

Call us at (479)-424-2035 or (800)-320-6667 Opt. 9

Visit our office at 3600 Wheeler Ave. Suite 2, Fort Smith, AR 72901

Email us at: ihernandez@agingwest.org

Anyone who contacts the Agency for help can be assured that all interaction remains confidential. Permission is obtained from the victim prior to any information being shared with outside resources. Family and friends can call the Agency to refer someone they believe needs our assistance, however, once the initial referral has been made, we will not discuss a victim’s situation with anyone (follow-up questions from friends/familiy will not be answered). Confidentiality and safety are our priorities. We want our clients to feel safe with us.

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