Getting older often comes with some struggles, like decreased mobility. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one needs full-time care just yet. If they are not totally dependent on a full-time caregiver, maybe check-ups are all they need right now.

Keep reading for tips on caregiving for your loved ones living alone.

Make regular visits

Just checking in a couple times a week can ease both of your minds. It allows you to check up on your loved one, and they get to spend quality time with people! Social interaction is also healthy exercise for the brain, which you can read more about here. Spending just 15 minutes a couple days a week can really make a difference.

Do different activities

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that no one wants to be stuck inside their home with limited social interaction. Try going for a walk in the park or grabbing a bite to eat together. Getting out of the house every once in a while also ensures your loved one is getting some physical exercise while getting in some socialization.

Help with light housework

Mopping the floor and changing light bulbs may not be a big deal to you but can be more of a burden for your aging loved one. Doing some light cleaning and maintenance can help them out and save their energy for other things.

Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas has home health aides that can assist with this! Give us a call at 479-783-4500 to learn more about what our aides can do for you.

Help out with groceries

Food is a necessity for all, which is why it’s important your loved one has access to food. Going grocery shopping with them or even delivering the groceries to your loved one can be a huge help. If you’re able, you might even lend a hand in the kitchen! Help your loved one stay safe while cooking by sticking around to help out with the more dangerous things, like cooking with oil.

Our home health aides are ready to help you and your loved ones! Call us at 479-783-4500 or check out our services.


Good news! We’ve put together our best caregiving practices all in one place. Click here to download Caregiving 101: A Guide for First-Time Caregivers for free!

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