Arkansas Certified Volunteer Ombudsman

Role of the Office of State LTC Ombudsmanarkltc-ombudsman

  • To develop and maintain a statewide Ombudsman Program
  • To provide training and certification to Ombudsman
  • To provide technical assistance to the Regional Ombudsman
  • To provide oversight of the statewide Ombudsman Program
  • To establish a statewide Certified Volunteer Ombudsman Program

Role of the Regional Ombudsman

  • To advocate for residents of  nursing homes, residential care and assisted living facilities
  • To receive, investigate and resolve complaints on behalf of nursing home, residential care and assisted living residents
  • To educate the community in regards to the Ombudsman Program and resident rights
  • Management of the Certified Volunteer Ombudsman Program in their service area

Role of the Certified Volunteer Ombudsman

  • Inform residents of their rights under Federal and State Law and assist them in protecting their rights
  • Provide information about the Ombudsman Program to residents and families
  • Refer complaints and concerns to designated Regional Ombudsman
  • Observe and report conditions in nursing homes to the Regional Ombudsman

Qualifications of an Arkansas Certified Volunteer Ombudsman

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Experience in working with older people
  • No immediate family presently employed by a LTC facility

Training required to obtain and maintain an active certification as an Arkansas Certified Volunteer Ombudsman

  • Must attend an 8 hour classroom training
  • Must complete a 12 hour nursing home practicum
  • Must attend quarterly in-service training classes
  • Encouraged to attend at least 1 state sponsored quarterly training per year

Responsibilities of an Arkansas Certified Volunteer Ombudsman

  • Visit residents in assigned facility 2-4 hours weekly
  • Explain the purpose of the Ombudsman Program to residents and family
  • Complete all required paperwork accurately and on time
  • Observe and report to the Regional Ombudsman regarding care in assigned facility
  • Abide by nursing facility policies
  • Help residents and their families understand facility policies
  • Attend Resident and Family Council activities when requested
  • Refer complaints or problems received or observed to the Regional Ombudsman
  • Ask for technical assistance from the Regional Ombudsman
  • Adhere to the confidentiality and code of ethics agreement at all times


  • The Certified Volunteer Ombudsman will observe and report to the Volunteer Ombudsman Coordinator regarding care in their assigned facility. If the Area Agency on Aging does not have a Volunteer Ombudsman Coordinator, then you will report to the Regional Ombudsman
  • The Certified Volunteer Ombudsman will complete all monthly paperwork and submit to the Volunteer Ombudsman Coordinator
  • The Certified Volunteer Ombudsman will provide the referral complaint form directly to the Regional Ombudsmam