Ages 18 and Older

Riding Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc.’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (“NET”) vans is a service provided to all qualified recipients within our Regions of service.  This policy is created to establish and communicate expected rider conduct.


All Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc. NET vehicles are equipped with audio/visual equipment to monitor the riders and driver at all times.  The video footage may be used in prosecution of riders who violate this policy.

Rider Responsibility

All riders have the responsibility for exercising safe practices and courteous conduct at all times when entering, riding and exiting the vans.  All riders have the responsibility for following correct procedures while on the vans.

The driver/management has the authority to remove a rider from the van if the rider does not follow all rules and regulations while onboard the van.  If a rider is removed, the rider may not board the van again until permission is granted by Agency management.

Any rider or guardian(s) who damages a van or steals property of the Agency may be charged with vandalism or theft and must make full restitution for the assessed damages. In the event the rider and/or his/her guardian(s) is not capable of making full restitution at one time, the rider and/or his/her guardian(s) may enter into financial arrangements by signing a promissory note to the Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc. and agreeing to pay the restitution in full over a twelve (12) month period in monthly installments. The rider may not ride the van again until all assessed damage amounts are paid in full or adequate payment arrangements have been made. Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc.‘s management, in special circumstances where there is no ability to repay for the damages and because the rider needs to continue to be able to use its services because of his/her medical condition(s), may choose to waive this reimbursement requirement.


General Rules for van riders:

These rules are not all inclusive since all situations cannot be anticipated before occurring.  Misbehavior on the van can cause distraction for the van driver.  Safety is our primary concern; misbehavior will not be tolerated.  The following rules apply to all riders while onboard the van:

  • Never tamper with the van or any of its equipment.  Damage to seats or any part of the van is considered vandalism.  The police may be notified and charges may be filed against the offender.
  • Do not throw anything out the van window as this endangers the safety of others.
  • The driver is responsible for the safety of all riders on the van and thus controlling the van riders.  All recipient riders must promptly follow the driver’s instructions.
  • Always be courteous to fellow riders.
  • Neither food nor drink is allowed on the van at any time without the consent of management.
  • Any smoking (including use of smoke-less items e.g., e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff), alcohol consumption, or drug use on the van may result in restriction of transportation privileges.  Any rider who does not refrain from tobacco use while on the van may result in local police being called to remove recipient from the van.
  • Refusal to wear seatbelt may result in removal from the van.
  • Verbal or physical abuse towards the driver or another rider will not be tolerated.
  • All riders must be ready to board the van upon arrival.
  • Inappropriate language or disruptive behavior while using a cell phone when riding the van is not allowed.
  • Electronic devices (including but not limited to tablets, laptops and gaming devices) are not to be brought onto the van.
  • Toys are not allowed on the van.
  • Riders are responsible for safeguarding items they bring onto the van.  Any item damaged while on the van is the responsibility of the rider, and Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc. will not be held liable for damages to items brought on the van against our policy.
  • Any rider that brings a weapon onto the van will result in the police being called and the rider removed from the van.  This includes but is not limited to the following:  gun, knife, sharp objects, mace, pepper spray, etc.
  • The Agency will not transport any medication(s) for riders.  Drivers are not permitted to accept any medication(s) on behalf of any person.  Additionally, the Agency will not be responsible for any loss, theft of or damage to medication(s) in a rider’s possession while the rider is onboard the van.

Each rider is expected to:

  1. Follow the driver’s directions.
  2. Sit in the assigned seat.
  3. Keep hands, arms, legs and objects to himself/herself and inside the van.
  4. Refrain from cursing, name calling, gestures and loud talking.
  5. Refrain from pushing, shoving and annoying other riders.
  6. Refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum and littering.


Unsatisfactory van rider conduct may result in possible safety and liability concerns.  If a rider violates the Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc. van rider policy, the Agency may take one or more of the actions below:

  • Notify local police
  • Refuse to transport

No Shows & Cancellations

If a rider must cancel a ride, the Agency requires a minimum of one (1) hour notice prior to pick up time. For riders who have a standing appointment, if you miss three (3) consecutive days without giving the required cancellation notice, you may lose your standing appointment.  This means that you will be required to call at least 48 hours prior to each of your appointments to schedule a ride.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times

Riders must be ready 30 minutes prior to scheduled pick up time.  Be ready to board the van promptly.  Trip length depends on a variety of conditions, e.g., number of passengers on the vehicle, road conditions, etc.

Refusal To Transport

Area Agency on Aging of Western Arkansas, Inc. reserves the right to refuse transportation to any individual when necessary to protect the health and safety of other passengers and Agency employees.

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