Gray Matters puts you – the caregiver – on the spotlight, showing how demanding your role is & empowering you to keep going.

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Being a Senior Caregiver Is Not a Walk in the Park

Care planning, managing age-related health problems, handling legal and financial challenges, finding the right senior activity centers – there are numerous tasks you must tackle when you become a parent to your parents or other aging loved ones in the family.

Making sure you have everything under control while being present in your own life, taking care of your family, and still avoiding burnout is no easy feat.

A Podcast Made for You

In Gray Matters, we talk about aging and senior care, highlighting how hard is for caregivers to take this role – most for the first time in their lives – and what they will have to face as they care for their aging family.

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Satisfy Your Crave for Knowledge

From hospice care, elder housing, and transportation services to in-house respite care, nutrition, and care coordination, the Gray Matters podcast features a variety of topics to help you learn how to best support your aging loved ones.

The Reality of Full-Time Caregiving

Much of what goes into family caregiver support often goes unseen. Gray Matters seeks to shed light on every struggle caregivers go into, showing what the caregiving challenge looks like from their perspective.

Navigate the Caregiving Complexities

Juggling caregiving responsibilities while trying to remain healthy, happy, and balanced can make you think, “What have I done to myself?” Gray Matters accompanies you on this energy-draining journey.

An Audio Reminder That You Are Not Alone

Finding yourself bewildered with medical, legal, financial, and practical tasks can make you feel lonely and exhausted. Gray Matters is here to remind you that you are not the only one going through this tough phase and help you make caregiving a part of your routine, not the entirety of your life.

Listen to Gray Matters Anytime, Anywhere

This podcast is made for busy caregivers with limited to no free time. Listen to it on the go while doing your home chores, driving, or having a bath at the end of the day.

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Find Some Comfort in Your Senior Care Journey

Gray Matters is hosted by Area Agency on Aging of West Central Arkansas, a private, non-profitable charity organization offering referral services and information for seniors ages 60 plus. Made by people who know what it takes to be a family caregiver, it aims to comfort and support you while informing you on essential senior care-related topics.

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